Insulating heated space


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Insulating heated space

we are claiming our old garage as living space. this area is under two existing bedrooms in our home. we have just taken down the sheet rock and their is 2 1/4 faced insulation betweeen the old garage ceiling and the floors to the bedroom. i'm curious what the protocol is for insulating living space. should i keep that insulation there?- it is put in with the pink side down so i would be inclined to flip it and staple it in place- it isn't even stapled right now, just set in there. should i double this insulation up and then get regular six inch faced for the rest of the garage, or do i take the insulation down?
this will be the coolest part of the house- farthest away from our woodstove which is our primary source of heat and next to the new garage that was built.
thanks for any information.
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Insulating heated space

If you leave the insulation in the space between the new space and the bedrooms, it would not be insulating since both spaces are conditioned (heated and/or cooled). It would only provide minimal sound insulations.

I would not rely on the distant wood burner to provide heat to this area unless you have some positive way of circulating the heat AND returning the cold air.

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thank you for the reply. our furnace is on constantly circulating air in the house and we will be tapping into our existing pipes to put registers into the new space so it will be heated/cooled along with the rest of the house.
if it isn't hurting anything then i think i'll just leave it in place.

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