Pink rigid insulation


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Pink rigid insulation


I have some OC 1.5 inch Rigid insulation left over from raising my basement floor. Can I use this between the joists in the ceiling for sound control? Or is there maybe a better place to put it. I am framing with 2x4 on the walls and will be using r-13 bats. Just trying to see what the best use for the rigid stuff left over.

Thanks for all the help!!
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Best use is one the basement walls. An ideal basement wall has it on the outside but that is tough to do as a retrofit in many cases. If insulating from the inside then wall, foamboard, stud wall and insulation, sheetrock. The foamboard should be tight and well sealed and it will be the vapour barrier so one isn't needed behind the sheetrock.
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Thanks Who,

I set the framing in about 2 inches from the walls so I wll just put what ever I have behind the R-13. Do you think it would be worth getting more of the rigid foam to do the whole basement or just use what I have.

Thanks again!!
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Start at the top of the wall and work down.

For example, if you have enough to do a top 4-ft perimeter, it is better than doing 2 walls with 8 ft.

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