could extra insulation save money in energy bills?


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Question could extra insulation save money in energy bills?

We live inthe Atlanta area.Our house has blanket fiberglass insulation R19 in between the joists in the attic.I saw in a TV program that they were adding extra blanket insulation across the joists on top. They did not specify what area of the country they were talking about. Our house has 3 levels and the uppermost level is 2200 square feet. Our nat gas bill in the coldest month was $ 650.
This are the questions:
#1 Would I achieve energy savings laying fiberglass insulation across the top of the joists.
#2 Which R value should I add?
#3 Above which TOTAL R value (ie present plus added insulation)you do not achieve significant energy savings?(Signficant means savings greater than 10 %).
I realize this a energy mathematical challenge and I thank you in advance for your effort.
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This site discusses what you want to know and uses your zip code as part of the analysis. However because of your high energy bill, something else is wrong. And more than likely it is a combination of things that are causing your bills to be so high.
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Originally Posted by dz111222
Our house has 3 levels and the uppermost level is 2200 square feet. Our nat gas bill in the coldest month was $ 650.
Your house is close to 6000 square feet?
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Resercon is correct. My house is a old (90 years) and a two story, 3000 sq ft., and my whole gas bill for a year is only $1500 and I live in 25 below zero country, and I keep the theromostat at 70 degrees. Yes you have another problem. The new R value for attics is R36. I think you may have a hole somewhere. Sorry about that.
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attic insulation

The heated part of my house is 5000 square feet.There is other factors in the gas bill as well, I have 2 daughters that take long showers (water heater runs on natural gas). I brought up the insulation issue as it is one of the factors in energy consumption. Thanks ,Daniel
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My son lives in Decatur and his father being an energy conservationist did all the things he heard me preach about over the years to his house. Which is a little bit larger than your house. Well to make a long story short when I went to see my grandchildren his wife mentioned all the things my son did to the house from the tips I had written on my website ( and their bills were unusually high. At least she thought so, but when I did the calculation for their house, I found it was 50 to 60% higher than normal.

Well my son didn't apparently read the entire site because it took me a whole 5 minutes to find the source of the problem. In the ceiling of his upstairs hallway he installed a whole house fan. So I took a piece of plastic and taped air tight the fan from inside the attic and laid an old blanket over the plastic and their heating bill dropped 30% when compared to times after the installation of the fan and before.

I'll give you three wild guesses and the first two don't count on who do you think installed the insulation, energy efficient heating and cooling systems, windows and doors and the person my son asked to put on a new roof because the heat from his house through the fan created moisture that delaminated the roof's plywood? (which by the way is structural damage because roof decking distributes loads). Mind you I live in New Jersey.

My son as well as most people think they must spend money to save money, they do the things my son has asked me to do for him. There is a good reason why the drop was only 30% and not the 50 to 60%. While he has R-38 in the attic, the plastic and old blanket is probably only R-5. Which explains why it was only 30%. It comes down to the saying "A chain is only as strong as its weakest link."

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