General Guidelines to Prevent Mold/Mildew?


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General Guidelines to Prevent Mold/Mildew?

Are there any basic rules to follow to help in the prevention of mold/mildew from growing inside my walls?
I live in Michigan and had my house built in '97.
I have blown cellulose in my walls from a very reputable local company.
I keep the humidity level below 40% as much as possible. I don't have a vapor barrier other than what the cellulose provides. The house is vinyl siding with a housewrap (not Tyvek).
I'm concerned because of the amount of moisture I sometimes have on the inside of my storm windows.
I know the Hurd windows are to blame for a large part of this, but could that same moisture be building up on the inside of my walls?
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If their is moisture on your windows in the winter then you need more outside air.
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It is my understanding from the sources below that when you have condensation on the windows there are contibuting factors. Moisture and polution naturally occurs in every home which must be vented out however, you also need to ensure you have proper airsealing to prevent micro-organisms from entering in the first place (and of course to ensure energy efficiency). Since spores from bacteria and fungus are constantly being introduced into buildings and homes 24/7 it takes little moisture to cause these to quickly multiply.

This company ( introduces a "passive ventillation system" in conjuction with an effective air treatment (fogging) which neutralizes the microbial contaminates that exist in all buildings and homes.
Their approach not only addresses the conditions which creates and helps to propogate mold devellopment they also have the technology to neutralize the seed.

More resources in Canada:

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