Insulation Choices


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Insulation Choices

I'm in the process of building a 3000 sq ft house in southern Indiana. I'm currently exploring the many insulation options. Our house is framed with 2x4's, and will have 1" thick rigid insulation applied to the outside of the studs. We are planning to heat the home with geothermal heat pump. I've looked these options for the interior of the stud walls:

- pink fiberglass batt insulation. My builder says the paper will be stapled to the exterior of the stud walls to eliminate gaps and bunching.
- wet blown in cellulose
- dry blown in cellulose, using some type of see through netting
- I've see a new extruded polystyrene product claiming to be the best thing out there (

I'd like your opinions on this options in regards to energy efficiency, noise control, mold issues, settling issues, cost.

By the way, I've heard most people say that dry blown in cellulose is the only way to go for ceiling insulation.
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Insulation Choices

One product (p2insulation) you are considering is not EXTRUDED polystyrene. It is EXPANDED polystyrene. It is the same lightweight low insulation value material that coffee cups and supermarket meat trays are made if.

It has a foil barrier, but there are far better EXTRUDED polystyrene insulation products for construction, like isocyanurate.

All of the systems that put insulation in the space between the studs/joists suffer from the thermal "short circuit" created by the stud/joist that can reduce the WALL insulation level by 5 to 40% depending on the material and spacing. Your exterior foam does not suffer from this since it is continuous.

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Thanks, does anyone else have any opinions? I'm leaning towards putting cellulose in the walls, due to good R value and better noise abatement, but I'm concerned about the mold issue and settling. How much more $ is blowing in dry cellulose, and is it more susceptable to settling? Or should I just put the pink batt insulation in and save some $, and avoid the possible problems with cellulose? I'd appreciate anyone's opinion and experiences.
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This site discusses what you are concerned about and much more. You may want to look into Energy Star Homes in your State. Besides financial incentives for Geothermal and mortgages, most Energy Star Home programs include measurement and verification on energy efficient applications, like insulation, air leakage, duct leakage, refrigerant charge and some even go as far as appliance metering.

In some States the Energy Star Home programs go even further as mandating education semiars not just for the home buyer but for the designers, developers and trade people.

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