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I am doing some work on a dormer room that is just a shell, I was told to put baffels inbetween the rafters... Now, do they have to butt up to each other or can I space them out under the insulation??? Any help would be great...(ps.. I already put the insulation up, and was told by someone I needed baffels.. Is this ok, or do I.. errrrrr to many opinoins so here i am back here....)

thanks Karen
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Your post is a little confusing. Unless it is me...

The baffels are placed in between the rafters. They cannot be touching because the rafters separate them. One baffle should fit the complete width of the rafter.

I am not understanding where you are at with the insulation. The baffles must go directly under the roof. The insulation is applied after the baffles are in place.
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what's a baffle?

What's a baffle?

I want to remove old, thin insulation when I redo the roof, Sister up some 2x10s and shove in thicker insulation.

I need to have a vent running behind the insulation all the way to the ridge vent on top of the roof, right?

And another thread specified that something needs to separate insulation from the roof's plywood, to reduce heat loss.

Is that the baffle's purpose?


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