Should I insulate new garage?


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Should I insulate new garage?

We are in the process of building a new home and will have an attached but unheated 2 car garage. I'm just wondering if, in this Toronto are climate, it might be worth putting in some batt insulation into the garage or not. Would that help to keep the garage a bit warmer, or it wouldn't make a big difference ($500 worth of insulation difference) because the garage is unheated. And if I do insulate, do I vapour barrier the walls? Just the outside walls? I'm confused...

Thanks for your advice/input...
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Is there living space above the garage?

Insulation doesn't make an unheated space warmer. Only a heat source can accomplish this. Adding insulation and a exterior house wrap will reduce cold drafts...but only necessary if there is living space above.
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If you are going to "finish" the garage (i.e, cover the exposed studs with drywall) then you might as well put in the insulation and vapor barrier. If you (or future owner) decide to heat it later, you won't have to blow it in. In your climate, the vapor barrier would go on the inside. The common wall between the garage and the house will already be insulated (it's considered an exterior wall) as will the ceiling if there's a room above so doing the other two surfaces will, as you noted, add very little to the cost. And since you're having the house built, why not add radiant heating in the floor?
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Thanks for your input. Never thought about radiant heat...will have to look more into it. Guess I may as well insulate the other walls - can't hurt, right?

Thanks again for the help.

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