Condensation problem in ceiling


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Condensation problem in ceiling

I read with interest your information on condensation. I need helpful advice. I have a
12 X 36 room addition on the side on a mobile home, Pitch on roof was not what it should have been- had severe water leaks-3 roofs later leaks are stopped. Had membrane torched material installed. Here is problem. Room built with 2X6 trusses on 24”cemters/ Every 4’, 2X6 stringers were installed the length of the room. This created a series of 2X4 pockets. R11 faced insulation was ;put between trusses but just held up by wire rods. No vapor barrier quality here. Then vinyl soffit was put up. In summer with air condt. On (4 outlets in room) moisture starts to drip from various points in ceiling. Have removed vinyl. Found wet insulation. Roof has no venting and could not vent unless these 2X4 pockets were drilled to move air. Not sure venting is necessary here anyway. Here is what I want to do, will it work?
1. Install vapor barrier on ceiling first (looking at ˝ inch 4X8 sheets of foam with alum. Backing-will tape joints. Will black felt roofing paper work as a moisture barrier?

2. Leave R11 insulation in ceiling for heat reduction.

3.Install 3/8, 4X8 plywood panels over vapor barrier.

4. Coat roof with white elastomeric coating for heat reduction.
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I would start by isulating the boots where the air comes out really well. This is a normal problem even in homes where the boots are not insulated good and condensate accumulates on them and drips down.

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