Replacing Insulation in Attic


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Replacing Insulation in Attic

I just purchased a block house from the 1950's. There are several places throughout the house where the drywall on the ceiling has to be replaced. Looking in the attic there is a fluffy gray type insulation (was told over the phone it was Blown in Cellulose). Replacing the drywall will cause the insulation to come down. Is this insulation good? Should I take this time to replace all the insulation in the attic? What type of insulation would be good to replace it with? Is the removal of the insulation something a professional should do?

I will be happy to give more information if needed.
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The problem with blown in is that it settles over time and the R value decreases.
If you are pulling down your ceiling drywall, I suggest that you remove the insulation first. Otherwise you'll probably have a mess in the house as the stuff comes down. Just stuff it into some large trash bags. After you finish your drywall work you have the option of returning the old insulation or replacing it with newer fiberglass batts. For me it would depend on your location.

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