Radiant Barrier Insulation


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Radiant Barrier Insulation

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am in the process of finishing an upstairs that will
have vaulted ceilings. I am considering using
radiant barrier insulation in the vaulted ceilings and
exterior walls. Does radiant barrier insulation work well
as a stand along product or is it best to use
Fiberglass insulation as well? I live in TN.
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I would advise using both.

I have 3 bedrooms on my second floor. The Master bedroom has the vaulted ceiling. I ONLY have fiberglass insulation. I do notice that there is definitly a temperature difference compared to the other rooms. It's most noticeable in the summer months. If I knew what radiant barrier was before I had it done, I would have done it.
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Put foam vents to the under roof side. Then the fiberglass insulation in the roof rafters. that R/B dont work to well test show after 5 years the dust kills it out. We also put a 4 mil poly over the insulation then the drywall.


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