icenyne for radon?


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icenyne for radon?

I'm not sure if this is where to ask. I am building my house on a slab foundation. Why couldn't I spray a foam insulation (icenyne, if I am spelling it right) on the plastic and rebar just before pouring the slab. Wouldn't that form a seal against radon AND give me some insulation for the floor? Or is that not cost effective compared to standard radon systems? Or won't it work?
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I'm not sure of the seal you would achieve doing this, but just remember the insulation is a soft material, and concrete is heavy and will crush anything it is poured on, possibly negating any effect you anticipate. IMO, regular radon expulsion methods that have been prove will serve you better.
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I agree, the foam insulation is not intended for this purpose. Look for a product called Innerseal. It does exactly what the name says, permanently seals the concrete from the inside out from water and radon transmission. It also stregthens the concrete.
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icenyne for radon?

Do not spray any coating on the rebar. The concrete must bond to it or you will have BIG problems.


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