cellulose vs. fiberglass


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cellulose vs. fiberglass

i live in california and while fixing my vents, i found that i only had approx 1-3 inches of blown fiberglass. does it really make a difference if i pay someone to blow in more fiberglass vs. cellulose.

i can get fiberglass blown in for approx 200 more than it would cost me to install cellulose myself
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cellulose vs. fiberglass

You can use either.

From a practical standpoint, they both perform about the same.

Make sure you keep your vents open.

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does it make sense to go to R38 instead of R30. Its only a 200.00 difference for my square footage. i live in valencia california
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is cellulose more flammable than fiberglass?

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is cellulose more flammable than fiberglass?

No way. Try it Take a small torch and a piece of fiberglass. And see what happens. The fiberglass dont burn IT melts. So if you have it in the attic it can melt and let a fire get into the rest of the home.
Now take a hand full of the cellulose in your hand put a penny on top . Take the torch and you can melt the penney in your hand . Yes the cellulose will turn black and glow but go out right away and thats all. Had pictures of roof fires and the fire stoped at the ceiling.
My company did sell cellulose for a longtime
Anytime we would pull the torch bit we got the job.


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