Vapor Barrier - 10" Crawl Space


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Vapor Barrier - 10" Crawl Space

I am buying a house built in 1972. This is a split-level home with crawl space access from the lower level. The crawl space is approximately 10" high and is under the living room, kitchen, and dining room. Concrete foundation.
The inspector suggests a vapor barrier and vents be added to the crawl space. On a scale of 1-10, how difficult is this job for a contractor and why?
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A 10" crawl space ? You'll never be able to put a vapor barrier in there. My 6 year old may be able to get in there to lay it

If you're a skinny person you may be able to tackle it but in my opinion this falls into a confined space and you need someone there to help you get out if something happens.
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Like Matt said------ Get the little people.
Dont put wents in and for sure you need a good V/B on the ground

Go read

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Vapor Barrier - 10" Crawl Space

I had a neighbor with a similar situation -

He got the vapor barrier into the crawl space (folded I think, but maybe on a roll).

Then he stapled it to a couple of 2x2s and pushed the 2x2s to the far end. He used a telescopic paint roller pole with a nail on the end to move and adjust things a bit.

He did not seal with tape, but he covered 90% of the soil and cut the moisture down tremendously. It was not perfect, but it was cheap and he could do it himself with some patience.

What frustated him most was that he did not have enough light to work well. He did it from the orginal basement window and poked through the old basement window into the "crawl" space.


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