Insulating finished walls


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Insulating finished walls

My house was built in 1930. I figured insulation was probably poor, but while snaking some new wiring I found that there was absolutely no insulation in my walls.

New drywall is not an option. I would rather move. I guess my only other option would be blown in insulation.

My questions: How good is this type of insulation. My walls seem like they would be easy to fill. No firebreaks or other obstructions that I can see from poking around inside my walls. How much does this usually cost? My house is quite small 970 Sq/feet.

Also, I was told about a government program that analyzed heat loss and energy iffeciencey. I'm not sure if it's state or federal. I'm in NY. Anyone know of this program.

Thanks all for the help.
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Any insulation you add to the wall will be an improvement, and it is very inexpensive to do yourself.

You will need to put holes in the wall between each of the studs, rent a machine to blow the insulation into the walls, and then patch the holes when you are done. You can put the holes on the inside of the house or the outside.

I got an estimate to do this for my old house of 1200 sq ft for less than $1000, but I sold it and moved instead!
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Check the big box stores they have the blower and insulation.

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I know I'm late posting this, but, here is my story. Had a like problem to this thread. Hired someone to blow in for about 1200.00. I've since taken down and replaced alot of the walls where the insulation was blown in. Wasn't much insulation blown in. My house also was built in the 1930's and I guess through the years with different renovations there were many cross pieces and obstructions to blown in insulation being able to being done correctly. I think I had a half baked contractor do it as well. I wouldn't blow in again in an older house. You just don't know what's gone on through the years and if it will be effective enough. This was just my own story and take it with a grain of salt. I'm normally in here asking for help and I'm not indicting the pro's who do a good job. I just know from where I've been I'd rather replace the walls and insulate every nook and cranny that I can see!!! Good luck and have a good day!!!

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