need advice on rigid foam insulation


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need advice on rigid foam insulation

I have an older home partially constructed with cement block (hollow core blocks). The outside walls have no insulation either on the inside or on the outside under the stucco.

I just recently bought the home and the seller had a new stucco coat put on the outside without adding solid foam insulation first. A cheap and quick job for a quick sell.

So I would like to insulate the inside of the exterior cement block walls by using rigid foam insulation sheets and then cover that with sheetrock/wallboard.

I remember many years ago that it was unsafe to use rigid foam inside a house because a fire would create a toxic gas when the flame reached the foam.

So the question is this: Is there any safe rigid foam insulation for interior use? Brand name? Chemical name?

I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Thanks for the help.
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need advice on rigid foam insulation

The commonly available extruded polystyrene is usable, but should be covered with drywall. There may be local requirements on the required thickness (1/2" or 5/8").

You can also use a lightweight plaster (perlite?) and the thickness may be controlled by the local requirements.

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In Fl with a cement block home They put 1X 2 P/T board on the wwall 16" on c/ then blow a cellulose insulation on the block wall that is a little wet with a glue . Then the drywall


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