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Question Attic Insulation

I have an old Victorian, built in 1900. The attic has no insulation under the floor boards, and taking them up would mean replacing them as they would fall apart. There is no insulation on the ceiling either. There are no vents in the attic.

Is it ok to put insulation on the ceiling, between the beams, or will this affect the ice and snow build-up on the roof in winter? I live in New York.

If the ceiling insulation is not an option, then would blown insulation work below the floor boards? And how would that be done without removing a sizeable amount of the floor boards?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.
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Spray closed cell foam on all outside walls roof decking and trust would be one way to go.
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I bought a home last oct and it didn't have one lick of ins. anywhere. Our house is a 2 story built in 1942. Someone at one time put fiberglass ins. in the attic roof in between the beams and was torn out. That is a huge problem if you don't have the proper circulation. That will cause your roof to fail. You would need to put Rafter Vents in which go between the rafters/beams and allow air flow between the roof and insulation. I ended up ripping up about 1 foot wide section in the middle of the attic flooring and blowing in cellulose. Worked out great and our attic is around 26X28 roughly and cost me around 200-225. I just put the boards back down then. I don't have any living space up there, it is just for storage. So if your attic is not a living space then I would just blow a lot of insulation in between the attic floor joists. My heigh on the joists is roughly 6 in. and a contractor I had come give me a quote to do my walls of the house said I need another 6 in. of the blow in or to put fiberglass on top of the floor where stuff won't be stored and put the blue board insulation down on the floor where I wanna store stuff. As much ins. as you can get up there the more money you will save in heating/cooling. I felt my ceiling in the second floor on a 30 degree day when I did the attic ins. and then felt it about 5 hours after the ins. was in place and what a difference.

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