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I have visited so many soundproofing websites and am now confused. I want to soundproof my home against neighbour noise . Its a single skin brick wall. The most informative site i have found is but they are in the UK. Do these heavy membranes work?
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Do you think the problem is the door or the windows?

Windows are most likely.

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I think he /her is refering to a town home
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Are you try to reduce the sound transmission through a interior or a exterior wall?

In addition to the "single skin" brick, what else is the wall made of? If it is brick veneer, it must have some back-up or it is a very thick (over 6") brick wall.

With lightweight walls (wood or wrinkled tin studs) lead sheeting is commonly used since it increases the weight of the wall assembly and is limp enough to not vibrate as a drum does. Other heavy materials can be effective if they can be incorpotated into the wall in an acceptable way.

Weight always helps reduce airborne sound transmission.


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