insulating basement ceiling


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insulating basement ceiling

Hi all,
I live in the Midwest, Missouri.
My basement is part under and above ground. We use it mainly for storage and laundry. It does have 3 heat ducts. I leave them open.
I have started insulating the ceiling joists with R-19. Should I????
Thanks all,

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insulating basement ceiling

You cannot justify the cost because your basement never gets cold (even without heat). The cost to insulate is greater than the energy saved over many years. You will come out better putting the money in the bank.

You might save some money in the winter. If you air condition, it wll cost you money in the summer because of the moderating effects of the soil. Your natural soil temperature at the floor level is probably about 55 - 60 degrees.

It will help reduce the sound transmission between the basement and the upstairs if that is important.

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Thank you! I'll stop where I am.

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basement insulation

Actually, there are a number of reasons to insulate a basement floor, but not in your case, unless you close off the ducts.

Many basements actually connect to vented crawl spaces.
In Philadelphia, we built over 2000 partitions which seperated the crawl space under the porch from the main basement. we insulated the partition and installed a weatherstriped door.

The main question is, why do you want to insulate the floor? Do you have comfort issues? Is your main floor "drafty"?

anyway, get answers before you look to save money insulating. correct the problem.


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