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Red face decisions decisions.......

hello all, just looking for an opinion on how to insulate the walls in my house. the easiest is blown in insulation, but that settles after a so i was thinking of removing the plaster (yes im nutts) on just the walls facing the outside and putting fiberglass in. or just redo the blown insulation 2- 3x till the wall is filled? i feel im missing something here but what would you guys/gals do.
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Do you know what kind of insulation (if any) you may have in the exterior walls.

Depending on the wall construction you may be able to blow from the outside.

Just blow in cellulose. It will end up being better than some fiberglass stuffed in with some gaps remaining.

You will be making a big mess and more work for no gain.

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dick, i have some sort of deteriated cardbord like stuff (kitchen is being redone ) with plaster on top. that house is like a icebox in winter. but i understand what you are saying just the dust alone is a killer so i believe i will take your advice. thanks for the advice. dave

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