three insulation questions


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three insulation questions

1) my unfinished, unheated, basement has r-19 insulation up in the joists. its faced, witht he paper facing down toward the basement. the paper is stapeled to the bottom of the joists, overlapping from one to the other ( picture a very smooth paperbag ceiling ). the joists are 9" deep, so i'm figuring that there is approx. 3" of space between the insulation and the floor above. is this bad? where the joists rest on the foundation, there are bats tucked into the space completely.

2)my attic has some old blown isulation under the floorboards, which is a little spotty and falls a few inches short of filling the cavity. i was planning on adding some more insualtion up there above the it worth doing on top of the floor like this? if not would it be doable if the cavities were filled completely?

3) if i bring home a blower and the insualtion, assuming i have to for my attic, would it be worth my time to put some into the ceiling between the first and second floors, especially around the perimeter? its an old house and theres just pine floor boards on big old 24 oc joists above a plaster ceiling. the plaster ceiling is getting covered with drywall soon, so putting some holes is no big deal.

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1). The space should be no problem. The perimeter is likely insulated completely so as to completely insulate your rim joist, which is the perimeter of your home. Your insulation is actually upside down, because the facing should be toward the warm side of the home, which would be floor level.

2). You can always add more insulation on top of the floor. If you can get some underneath the floorboards, especially around the perimeter of the attic, that would help.

3). I'm not sure you'd want to add insulation to the entire ceiling. You could remove the plaster ceiling around the perimeter, get some netting and staple it up around the perimeter of the ceiling, cut a slit in it, insert the hose and fill that netting with insulation. That's a nice way to hold cellulose around the perimeter without needlessly wasting it above the ceiling. But it would probably be easier to just stuff some fiberglass batts up there.

If you have balloon construction, (which means your studs go from the attic to the sill) you can also blow insulation down your walls from the attic. But usually that's already done.
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thanks for the reply. i know the insulation was put in upside down, but its what the previous owners had done, and when some had to be replaced i did it the same way. i beleive it was done that way due to moisture problems in the basement...but then again it may just have been a mistake. we get a small amount of water down there and it does get humid, but i'm a little more dillegent with the shop vac and i run a dehumidyfier when called for. but i'm also using the basement as a shop as i renovate, so there will be heat down there soon, and drywall on the ceiling, so its not the worst thing i guess.

tucking some batts in around the perimeter will be my project tomorrow morning.

thanks again.

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