Vapor barried needed? (Attic Insulation)


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Vapor barried needed? (Attic Insulation)

I am installing new insulation in my attic. I am using the one with the kraft paper attached to it. I know that the kraft paper is supposed to be a vapor barrier. In installing the insulation, I have made numerous holes in the kraft paper, which reduces the effectiveness of the vapor barrier. Should I use duct tape to fix the holes I created? or should I install a seperate vapor barrier altogether. And, what mil plastic sheeting should I be using? Thanks.
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The vapor retarder (facing) on attic insulation is suppose to face down toward the heated space below. This minimizes the amount of warm, moist air that enters attic from below. All gaps around ducts and perimeter and other areas that may allow air passage from below should be sealed. Duct tape can be used to seal holes in insulation. If installing additional insulation over existing insulation, faceless (no vapor retarder) insulation is used.

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