MH insulation adding from inside


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MH insulation adding from inside

Ok, finally ready to fix the floors in first MH I bought
(no more water coming in through walls, yeh!)

since I will have almost 1/2 of the floors opened at some process in the repair, I wonder if I can/should add some insulation at that time from inside the MH. the current insulation either has a metal layer on top pointing toward the floor of MH (warm side)
or paper layer same place.

if I add insulation on top, do I need to pierce the metal layer or paper layer on the insulation that is going to be below the top layer. should I be buying a special grade of insulation for placing on top of the existing layer? It looks like I can fit a 4 inch or 6 inch layer in on top of the existing insulation. is that enough to bother with, or should I just go under the home and push the existing layer up where it should be, fix the belly wrap holes (yes, I will do this or hire it done either way) just wondering if working from above with insulation is the first step...

sincerely wanting to have the floors done and over with
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MH floor joist are typically 2x6s which means it will accomodate R-19 insulation [6" thick] Possibly a little more with sag in the belly wrap. R-19 should be plenty of insulation for the floor. Assuming the MH came with R-19, I woudn't add any but replace any that is missing or degraded.

I understand the paper facing but am unclear about the metal layer unless you are mistakenly looking at the top side of the heat ducts.

Usually you would insulate from underneath, after the sub floor is installed. The only problem I can forsee by installing the insulation from the top would be that it would make the floor joists harder to see and you could possibbly miss standing on a joist and fall thru I'm not really qualified to say whether or not there would be any problem with leaving the paper face in tact. Personally I wouldn't think it would be a problem but you might want to ask that question in the insulation forum.

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