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Great Stuff

Hi, I am searching through previous posts as I have several gaps in my front door between the door and frame. The gaps make up quite a large U shape on the bottom of the door and up about a third of the way on the door on either side (hinge and latch). I have purchased a sweep for the bottom. But I was looking for maybea foam for either side and I found links to Good Stuff. I just wondered is this the right thing to do?

At a guess the gaps on either side of the door are maybe 1mm and at the bottom it is probably around 18-20mm without a sweep. The door currently has a slide on sweep which is not doing its job so I am going to fit a metal plate & rubber sweep.

So, after all that garbled info, I just wondered if Great Stuff is the right thing to use for the hinge and latch sides of the door?

I am in a Town House built in 1973.
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Id say no . Id look at the stick on foam they have. You can get it like in 1/8" 1/4" 1/2" thick
and as wide as you want . All stores seem to have it in small rolls.
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I suggest you look for an item commonly known as "jamb-up" which is generally sold in a kit consisting of three sections.The sections are rigid,sometimes plastic sometimes metal,with a rubber seal along one edge.The sections are attached to the door frame so that the door closes against the rubber seal.

Self stick foam doesn't usually seal too well along a door frame.Also it is easily damaged and generally needs replacement within a year or two.The removal of old foam can also be problematic except once it dries out and falls off by itself.

Great Stuff would expand more than you wanted and is uneven and sticky.It is difficult to work with in an unconfined space.

There are other options and choices.Go to a real hardware store that carries a full selection and has qualified help to assist you in picking out which products best suit your specific needs.Big box stores only carry the items that sell in large volume or that they have worked out a deal with the manufacturers of and have no qualified help.
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Great Stuff

Spray foams are good to insulate voids between jams and framing. Having said that, be aware of the characteristics of the foam. Great Stuff makes two types of foam. One type expands and should not be used around doors and windows. Use the non-expanding type.

Great Stuff clean-up is a real pain. I have a 10-year-old shirt which still has a Great Stuff stain on it.

Dap makes a latex foam which is non-expanding and has easy clean-up.

I prefer Dap latex. Good luck.

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