Basement insulation - Price comparison


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Wow, long read, sorry to dig this up. I just wanted to toss in some personal opinions I got while doing my reasearch. I am about to do my basement too, and have found that the 3/4" foam, against the concrete, with 2x4 over it, and then unfaced R-15 batts, then drywall, is cheaper and more resistive then the 2" foam alone. Also, do the floor at the same time as the walls. It creates a nice complete thermal break. I'm using 3/4" 2'x8' dow all around. Tape every joint regardless of T&G or not, and caulk all corners were the floor meets the walls, and where the walls meet. Then you can put plywood subfloor down, and put up your 2x4 walls. Bottom plate sits on subfloor, so no need for PT at this point. Predrill the bottom plates for concrete screws, but squirt foam compatible caulk adhesive in the hole first. Attach the top plate like normal. Now take some left over pieces of the 3/4" foam, and cut to fit inbetween the floor joists above the Sil. Then use the expanding foam in a can to seal and hold that in place. Then cut some left over fiberglass and stick that in there on top of the foam. It will help continue the thermal break up to the floor. The floor will be nice and warm, as will the walls, and the room will just feel more comfortable and have a nice dead sound. Believe it or not, you can put hardwood down if you want to now, although I still wouldn't. I'm using laminate for it's greater stability.
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Wink insaltion behind studs ok?

I own a new home and am going to finish the basement my self .The question I have to ask is it ok to leave the insalation blanket type that the builder puts up on the upper part of the foundation wall and just finish insalating with styrafoam type on the bottom half,and install the studs in front of the insalation.

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