Attic Venting and Attic Insulation.


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Attic Venting and Attic Insulation.

I'm new to these threads and appreciate all who participate. I own an 18th century colonial and have two quick questions regarding a Attic conversion project. I have painfully sealed all the air leaks from the home and am about to inulate an area above the kitchen that is part attic/part living space.

The final project will yield living space with slanted ceilings. Here is are my questions:

1. The remaining "attic space" above the slanted cieling will only be about 6.7 feet in height (at it's highest point) from the new cieling, 11 feet wide, and will run the length of the entire room roughly 28 feet. If I insulate up to R-49 (estimating 15 or so inches of insulation) it will leave very little room for a gable vent (there is no ridge vent). Is this the right move?

2. I do not see any means for air to pass through the soffit to create that venting process. Installing vent baffles doesn't make sense because there is no means for air to pass. I also have no means of installing two gable vents in the attic since the other side of the attic buts up against the main house which is much taller than this area. My question is this: Is it common to have a home without a soffit vent and do I absolutely need a vent in the attic? If so how do I tackle both these problems combined? That is, the small attic coupled with no soffit vent?

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You do need to vent it .You have to put the foam vent board up to the roof boards so the air can get over the insulation you put there. You cant have the insulation touch the roof boards. Cant you put vents in the fascia board??? You should have 1 sq ft vent for every 150sq ft of attic. 1/2 in and 1/2 out how about a attic vent fan. attic sq ft X0.7== cfm you need

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