crawl space - type of insulation


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crawl space - type of insulation

Looking at the forum more - crawl space walls are 4' high, problem is the opening is 13"x21" - real small. I thought at first I'd put batts around the walls - hung horizonally to save time and tape.
Would it be more energy efficient to have someone apply foam insulation instead? Seems like that would be more permanent on the walls _ I wouldn't have to deal with tape failure ....
Foam / rigid board is out due to opening size - unless someone says otherwise.
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13"X 21" Wont at an angle a 24" wide fit through the hole??? 2" or 3"foam or polystyrene to put on the walls. R 19 block up on the sill plate in each joist space around the home. 6 mil poly on the ground .Overlap it 2 ft and tape the seams. Go read

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polystyrene would fit, but the foam is very nice and it air seals at the same time.

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