Insulation & plumbing pipes


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Insulation & plumbing pipes

I am in the process of having an addition built and I was thinking about putting fiberglass insulation in the master bathroom wall cavity and in the floor below it to provide some added sound-proofing for adjacent rooms. I was told by my contractor that he thinks that may not be a good idea to have insulation touching the hot water supply lines. Is this some sort of hazard? I think he may be just trying to save himself a little work. Would I be better off putting the foam pipe insulation around the water supply lines first? Thanks.
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Does your contractor give you a reason why?

It doesn't hurt to insulate with the pipe insulation first (esp. the hot, will keep the water in the pipe warmer for longer) but there is no reason why FG insulation can't touch water lines that I'm aware of.
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If this is on the outside wall Id bring the water pipes up in the floor inside the cabinet. If I could.
If this is a crawl space go to and read

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