Insulating detached garage


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Insulating detached garage


I have a 2 1/2 car, 2 story detached garage that I want to insulate.

The walls are 2x4 construction, open on the inside, with sheathing, tyvek, and then vinyl siding on the outside.

The roof is 2x6, again open on the inside, with a 2-3 year old shingle roof on the outside (very steep pitch)

I'm planning on using faced fiberglass batts on all the walls & the roof, then apply drywall over that. Do I need to add any roof vents or anything like that in this scenario?

Thanx in advance,
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If you are going to have a void between the insulated space and the roof then it should be ventilated.
My detached garage has collar ties on the second floor (my workshop). The second floor is insulated and sheetrocked with the collar ties acting as ceiling joists. Above the collar ties there is a small uninsulated void (think mini attic) of about 180 s/f. I added gable end vents sized to provide adequate air movement in this space.

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