Basement insulation


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Basement insulation

I had to frame away from the perimiter of one of the long walls due to the gas line/water lines that run overhead. So my top plate/bottom plate/studs sit about 4 inches away from the foundation. Including the 3 1/2 inches of depth for the 2 x 4's, I have almost 8 inches of space.

What can I do insulation wise?
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Wow thanks, Ill try that!!

Thanks for the help.. jagoffs.
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No problem!
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Lost here whats up?? But as far as the wall .You should have a 6 mil poly hanging down over the cement wall .Staple it to the sill plate. As this is below ground use just a R13 in the studs paper side to the room. A 4 mil poly over all that then the drywall . Dont forget we are not just at your call

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