rigid foam


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rigid foam

I've read many of the threads regarding rigid foam in this forum. Im currently finishing a 12x 14 home gym area in my basement on long island. Is it ok to put 1/2 inch rigid foam, followed by 2x 3 furing strips, then1 1/2 inch rigid foam? I figured this would be the easiest way to make sure I could cut out area for electric, and cable. I also was unable to find 2x3 pressure treated furring to go up against the concrete. If i just sandwiched 2 inch rigid foam in between 2x2s I was worried about strength of studs to support a tv later on, and the chance of hitting electric wire with nails screws ect.

What way to face the rigid sheeting if this is ok, both layers facing the same way?? thanks again for your help.
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I'm left wondering why you want to go to all that work when you could just build an insulated 2x4 stud wall that is left away from the concrete?
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i have to use rigid foam because ialong the ceiling there are heat and water pipes 3 inches out from the wall that ill have to box in.
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What you describe should work fine. I understand Xsleeper's question but also understand your reasons for going the way you have chosen.

The white beadboard foam is the lowest cost foam insulation per R-value, if cost is a driving factor for you. You do sacrifice some slight insulation value (R-factor), though.

If you want the most R-value in the wall, the extruded foamboard is the way to go. These are the typical blue styrofoam or pink/red owens corning foam. But, expect to pay more.

As long as the foam isn't foil-faced, the panels can be installed either way.

What you don't want is fiberglass in basement walls; moisture will condense and eventually mold, etc. will take over.
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thank you for your reply, since its only 14 feet in this room, the cost is no problem. im gonna use the blue foam with two layers, without any refllective cover.
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We use the R13 fiberglass in the 2x4 stud wall in the basement all the time . No trouble at all over many years. Paper to the room. We do hang a 6 mil poy over the cement wall first . stapled up on the sill plate You could cut the studs so the top plate clears the pipe . Then strap it up to some joist.

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