Insulating under roof and horsehair plaster


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Insulating under roof and horsehair plaster

Recently, an insulation contractor convinced me that there would not be a problem with blowing cellulose insulation into the backside of horsehair plaster walls and ceiling in my attic between the plaster and roof.

Although the walls are finished in plaster, I do not heat this area. However, I have two separate stairwells leading up to the attic which are not closed off (except to shut a makeshift door at the bottom of each stairway).I guess I'm saying some heat does escape into the attic . The ideal situation would be not heating this space.

I'm having a new layer of roof shingles put on. Is this the time to do something to correct the earlier mistake.
I wouldn't be too upset removing the first layer etc. in order to do it the correct way. By the way, what is a ridge vent? Can one be installed during application a second layer of shingles?
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A ridge vent runs along the highest point of your roof, and lets the heat escape, and the fresh air is drawn in from your soffit vents. This natural convection is a good way to ventilate your attic. I am no pro at this, but I would think you would need to take up all the prior layers of shingles to get one in. I have no idea on your other question. Some pro should come along and chime in though!

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