Basement ceiling insulation procedure


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Basement ceiling insulation procedure

Long ago I insulated my unfinished basement ceiling with 6" fiberglas batts between 10" floor joists. I installed them with the kraft paper vapor barrier on the bottom, incorrect but easier. I do have a lot of window condensation and wonder if it would be a good idea to reinstall the batts with the vapor barrier on top. If I do that, what is the best way to run wire or thread to hold the insulation up between the joists? The threads would have to be installed in the recesses between the joists to work. Would it be a good idea to add more insulation so the space between the joists is filled and then attach the threads to the bottom of the joists? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Basement ceiling insulation procedure

Either way you do it, you will have a vapor barrier between the basement and first floor.

I assume you have the condensation in the winter. The best way to eliminate the condensation is reduce the moisture in the air. A moisture resistant coating like Thoroseal will help as will increased air flow/circulation.

I assume the fiberglass was done for sound and not insulation. Adding dry wall will provide more sound benfits than you get from fiberglass.

Insulating a basement is difficult to justify thermally because may gain a very little in the winter, but do not get the benefit of the thermal mass of the earth in the summer and AC can cost more. Beccause of this you could just eliminate the insulation.
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Condensation in winter is do to no ventilation. Has nothing to do with your insulation in the basement,

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