What steps to take next?


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Talking What steps to take next?

Just purchased an older farmhouse.

Previous owner had placed drywall over some of the plaster and lathe ceilings. While the plaster was not in terrible shape we elected to tear it all off and start fresh.

The previous owner had attempted to blow in insulation in walls and such but upon removing plaster we found that many areas had none. All insulation was lost during the process.

Upon removing the ceilings, a huge amount of dirty and debris has been released. I would assume we keep using air hoses etc to rid the house of the dust???

So now what/how do I insulate? We will be putting on a new metal roof. Right now the upstairs is bare with attic space over most parts of the rooms. (some areas are really close to the actual roof with little or no attic space (on ends)

we want this house to be energy efficient. So what steps would I take from here?
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Spray Foam has an R7.3 and will air seal at the same time.
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Cellulose insulation(which is blown in) has about a 3.8 R-value, depending on who you get your information from. When you blow the walls you have to pressure pack it which makes it so it won't settle over time. It keeps air movement down and seals up every nook and crannie. Its also fire resistant. Unlike fiberglass and foam which melts when heat comes near, cellulose will resist it and maintain its form.

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