HAVC duct sealing


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HAVC duct sealing

What should I use for sealing my home duct joints? Duct tape, like the famous Scotch's (3M) Duct tape, or Aluminum tape?

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Duct seal or mastic as some call it. If it is not in an atick or crawl-space I would not waste my time or money. Their will be no savings
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what are your duct made of?

if fiberboard, then the aluminum tape,(which sould already be on there as it is needed to manufacture the duct)

if metal duct, I believe what airman was referring to (if I understood his intent) when speaking of mastic. There is a bruch on almost paste thick material that works very well. I see it used on commercial applications all the time. It not only sticks better than the tapes you mention but it also seals better and is easier to apply.

I would look to a pro supply house. can;t remember seeing it at the home imporvemnet stores.

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