Attic Floor with Exhaust Fan Installation


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Attic Floor with Exhaust Fan Installation


I have a very large (unfinished) Attic. The attic floor is only 2X4's with dry wall in between. I want to insulate between the 2x4's with batting (roll insullation). I have 4 questions. First, there is a large exhaust fan in the attic floor that circulates air into the main house. If I put roll insullation in the attic, will the exhaust blow the insullation into the house? If not, how much space do I leave around the fan? If yes, what are my other options?

Next, I live in southern California, it gets extremely hot in the attic are R13's adequite, or do I need a larger size?

Third, when I roll out the insullation, what do I do about the light fixtures in the attic floor/house ceiling? Do I cut around those? If so, how much space needs to be around each light?

And lastly, when I roll out the insullation, where do I staple? To the sides of (and in between) the 2X4's or do I roll over the 2X4's and staple on top of them?

Sorry, but I have never done this before, and I want to make sure it is done right.

Thank you so much!
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Why is there a fan in your attic that circulates air into your main house? You wouldn't want that if you insulate.

Call your town/city building inspector to see what is required for R-value in your attic.

Find the manuals for the light fixtures to see what the required clearance is. This page might give you some help: The rating will probably be on the fixture.

And lastly, use plain batts, don't use the ones that have a vapor barrier.
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Since you are new to this, I suggests you do some research. The above stated website will help you. California is one of the few States that provide an excellent "Energy Audit" program. Check with you local utility and/or State Regulatory Board. Also because of the problems concerning energy in California, this program and several others are probably quite large. It probably exceeds $100 million a year. Which means that the services they offer will be at no cost to you.

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