Blown Insulation


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Blown Insulation

How far can I expect a typical (Lowes, Home Depot) blower to blow cellulose?

I have some very tight spots in my attic that run about 10' deep.
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Smile Blown Insulation

I had mine blown in by a local company but I'm sure HD could tell you what all you need to know. It would be a 2 person job and preferably done in cool weather. Wished I had done it years ago, it works.
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It will blow about 5 feet pretty good. I would consider subbing this job out. Yes its easy to do. I did my attic a few years ago. I did it for 900 and some change. I had bids for $1200. It took me best part of a day with clean up. The time that they clam it will take you to spray a bag is short by about 10 - 15 minutes.
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Think more In working the hose end back into the tight spots. Then turn the blower on so it runs as you back the hose back out. Have also tied a long stick to the end of the hose to get it back in tight spaces. Then turn the blower on. Helps if you have the control of the blower up there with you.
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Smile Insulation cost

PS.......... FYI..... I hired a local co. to blow in 7" cellulose over the existing fiber glass insulation. 1700 sq.ft. heated and cooled area was $545.

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