Crawl space insulation


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Crawl space insulation

I have an older home in SE Texas which is on pier and beam. I have about a 2' crawl space underneath. Naturally, with all homes like this, during the winter months, the cold air finds every little crack and crevice in the floor (not to mention the floor itself tends to be ice cold). I've insulated it before with regular batt insulation, but the hangers are just not reliable, especially when the batts become moist from the humidity. I have been looking into Tiger Foam as a possible alternative. I plan on spraying it to the bottom of my floors from underneath. I think that it will make for good insulation down there due to it's expansive properties and because of it's adhesiveness. My question is, what would the draw backs be for doing this, if any?

Any comments from anyone with this type of experience will be greatly appreciated.
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So you have batt insulation with the vapor retarder on the side of the heated space above? Crawl space is dry? You have at least an 8 mil plastic vapor retarder in crawl space overlapped and taped and run up fondation walls where it is applied with spray adhesive? Vents open or closed?

Is there water in the crawl space? Gutters and downspouts clear? Downspouts connected to drains that carry water away from foundation or slab? Soil sloped to direct water away from structure?

In a heavy downpour, grab the umbrella and go outside to see if you have overflowing gutters, standing water, or other issues that need to be addressed. TX has been drenched this year while the rest of us are in a drought.
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I've answered so many questions on this topic in the forum the last few weeks ive lost count. Check out the threads in the
Basements, Attics and Crawl Spaces forum. Basically you insulated it incorrectly from the start by using batts as your air and vapor barrier on the ceiling of the crawl. Read those threads on how to properly air seal and insulate it alot cheaper than using the spray foam. If you have more specific questions after that ask away.
good luck

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