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How to put insluation in walls without removing the drywall.

How to put insluation in walls without removing the drywall.


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How to put insluation in walls without removing the drywall.

My house wasn't built with insulation in the walls (its old), and I'm trying to figure out how to get insulation in the walls without removing the drywall or drilling holes.
I thought about going into the attic, cutting holes where I could push the insulation down between the 2x4's, and stuffing insulation down as far as I can (as long as I don't hit any wires and stuff).
Would this be an alright way of doing it, or it there a better way?
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If you are going to stuff batts in there from the top it wont work since you will be compressing them and lowering their R value. You could drill from the top and then using a long fill tube blow in cellulose and crush whatever batts are in there now. BTW what makes you think the old batts arent working fine? If its just a 2X4 space you wont get much more R value, but if its to cut down on air infiltration cellulose is the way to go with a wall.
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Just how old is old?? If old . You could have the walls open at the joist to the sill plate. Also you can have a fire stop half way up in the wall. Like said Id go with the cellulose and drill holes in the dry wall. You can just patch the holes . Works real good.
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My Mom & Dad built their home in Oklahoma in 1953. They had to fight the builder to get him to insulate on the north side of the house. He said it was a waste of money. NG was so cheap back then. Most of the homes had NOTHING between the studs. In 1990 they had vinyl siding installed with the styrofoam insulation between the old wood siding and the vinyl. That helped a lot.

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