A-Frame insulation


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A-Frame insulation

I just bought an old (late 60s-early 70s) A-Frame cottage. We ripped out the old, dark, battered pre-finished paneling so we could replace it with drywall. There is no insulation in the building at all. I know you need to leave air-space in the ceiling -- but in an A-Frame, how do you decide where the wall stops and the ceiling begins? Or is there a special technique to insulating A-Frame building? The studs/joists are 2 x 6, 24 inches on center. I thought about just stuffing them full of insulation on the theory that some insulation is better than none. But would not leaving an air space for the roof create a bigger problem than not having insulation?

Thanks in advance for your input!

Curt Allen-Little
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We have zero airspace in our solid wood cathedral ceilings - it goes open beams, then tonuge and groove ceiling, then 6" solid insulation, then plywood, then tar paper, then shingles. While the house is not uber-insulated, it's not bad either. So I would think stuffing the cavities you have with the best insulation you can afford would be your best bet.
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We have a couple of houses where we filled up a 10" space with no problems.
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I was just talking about this subject with my coworkers. I also live in an A-Frame and I just started researching how to insulate it.

I wanted to put up rigid insulation on the interior ceiling (which is the inside of the roof tongue & groove),and then cover it up with cedar t&g, but I was warned not to because of moisture getting trapped between the insulation and the ceiling. This moisture would then start to rot my roof from the inside out.

I work at an engineering firm where one of the departments specializes in home inspections, etc., and I want to believe them, but they also suggested googling around to see if anyone else has looked into this.

Currently there is no ridge vent at the peak, so I have a "hot roof". The roof construction is 2-1/4" pine t&g, felt, and then shingles.

Anyone have any suggestions?
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i have been working in construction co. ......A-Frame display systems can be very usedfull while improving our house.........

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