Insulating unheated attached garage


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Insulating unheated attached garage

I have a single car unheated garage, with a bedroom above. there's no insulation in garage walls or ceiling and no insulation in bedroom walls other than 3/4 foam board under exterior siding. question: I am going to blow in cellulose in garage ceiling, the wall seperating the house and garage, and along with outside walls in bedroom above. Is there any justification to insulating outside garage walls?

second question: bedroom walls have a chair rail type trim about 5' off the floor-3' down from ceiling. the trim is wide enough to hide any holes- with out having to worry about matching the texture in the walls. Is it possible to attach a smaller diameter 1 1/2 inch x 4' long flexible hose to the 3" blower hose to insert into the wall cavity? insert the hose to the bottom plate start insualting while pulling the hose upward then turning it around and push the hose to the top plate while puliing back down and finishing at the entry?
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You only need to insulate the heated walls, so the walls on the house and the ceiling need to be heated but not the rest of the garage walls.

You can reduce the size down to 1.5" if needed to get into the wall. Just be care on how you reduce down to 1.5". A sharp reducer might get clogged often. A funnel type of reducer is better. Make sure you pressure pack the walls so they won't settle. When you do the ceiling, make sure you don't put a vapor barrier on the garage side or you will have moisture problems. If you need a stopper material on the garage side use a cloth type barrier which is designed just to hold it up and let the moisture out. You can call a insulating company to buy some, don't know if the box stores will have it. Good luck!
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Thanks, Adam

I was going to use the funnel sold with the hole plugs made by the insulation manufacturer, then attach a hose to that. How do you pressure pack the walls? I am assuming by creating additional holes to let the air out of the cavity, if this is the idea, how many holes, where to place them and how big? Thanks For the help

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