Do you ventilate during attic blowing cellulose ?


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Do you ventilate during attic blowing cellulose ?

Hello everyone,
I was helping out on a cellulose attic blow over a pole
barn machine shop, and it was unoccupied.
I am planning on doing my dad's attic, and it is of course
occupied, and was wondering if I could help reduce the
dust infiltration into the rest of the house by putting
in a temporary fan.
The house was built in 1900, and has a 12 x 12 pitch,
and the end walls have large vent louvers, one of which
I planned on removing for access by ladder instead of
working thru the house and using the pull down steps.
The other louver (on the north end) is about 36" wide
x 72" high, and was thinking I could put a large fan
up against it (like a barrel type portable fan) to get
a little negative pressure into the attic.
I also have an older belt drive furnace blower,
and was thinking of making a plywood cover over
the louver vent, to seal the blower to it.
Sort of like a blower door in reverse.

Note, I wear a mask when blowing (and loading)
so this is not for my comfort, it is to reduce
the dust in the house.

Has anyone here done anything like this ?
Or have any better ideas ?

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I think your plain will work!
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Don't forget baffles

Cellulose is very dusty. Ventilation will surely help. It is sometimes hard to see when you are blowing insulation.

Be sure to use baffles to keep the insulation out of the vents. Use baffles around appliance vents and can light fixtures. Aluminum or metal baffles work well for these. Soffit baffles are available in plastic or treated cardboard.

When you are done go around are outside soffit vents on the outside with your blower on air only and blow back through. You can also use a shop vac for these.


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