Ideas on demoliton removal???


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Ideas on demoliton removal???

Hello. This is my first post. I will be gutting the entire third floor of my 1901 house. I'll be removing all plaster and lathe (spelling?) on both the walls and ceilings in order to spray foam. For those of you who have completed such a project, is there such a thing as a 'garbage ladder' or 'demolition slide' to transfer the demolition waste down three stories into a rolloff dumpster? I'm trying to figure our the most time and energy efficient way to remove the demo materials from up high. Any and all ideas would be gladly welcomed! Also, any ideas on where to rent or purchase such an item would be helpful, too. Thanks. Northern Dog.
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Many debris box services rent chutes also. This may not be true in rural areas.

Area & situation dependant issues that may be encountered when using a chute (rented or site built). Permit & inspection (fully enclosed, tied to the structure, dust abatement [entry chute whetted with hose & exit whetted canvas cover]). Dedicated or increased insurance (it's dangerous to drop anything from a third story. If the chute collapses or breaks resulting in personal, property, or environmental, damage you'll wish you had an extra three to five million worth of insurance. This is only the beginning.

Think before proceeding. Built in 1901. Plaster. Demolition is an environmental nightmare and an abatement contractors dream job. 99% chance of multiple coats of lead based paint. 30-40% chance of the presents of asbestos. Toxic waste. Your proposal is discharge it into the surroundings (breathe the dust coming back up the chute), & send it to the land fill. (I understand, the cost! Do you understand a very big dog taking a huge bite our of your rear end).
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I just finished gutting a few plaster lath rooms. A lot of people build a chute but I just threw the plaster out of the window with a shovel to the dumpter below. It's ends up being an incredible amount of material.My brother in law built a chute that looked like a toboggon slide,but he had large rooms. My rooms were small, 10x12, 10x9. My biggest pain was the blown in insulation in the ceiling,that stuff is a horrid mess!

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