Issues with Great Stuff Pro gun....


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Issues with Great Stuff Pro gun....

About 6 months ago I purchased a Great Stuff Pro 13 (the cheap one) gun from HD. Figured Ive used enough of the "single use" bottles and broke enough of the cheap plastic hoses that I want something to work when I need it.

Used it for a window or two, removed empty foam can, cleaned the gun as instructed on their gun cleaner (bought that from HD too). The gun was spic and span.....cleaner coming out clear, no hardened foam left on the outside of the gun, etc. Stored it upright with the valve open just to be sure.

Went to use it again last week, and now the trigger doesnt reset. It opens, so I can get foam out, but it doesnt spring back like it should (so I get foam EVERYWHERE). Ive been using it for now just by turning off the valve from the back, but its getting annoying.

Surprise, Dow doesnt care. Said I can *try* to return it, but cant help if they wont take it back.

Anyone have this problem? Any suggested fixes? For 30 bux I had hoped the gun would make things easier, but right now not so sure!


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You've learned the hard way that you don't remove the cans from the gun, no matter how good you think you have cleaned them out. I've found that the best thing to do is to leave a partially used can on the gun at all times. They keep that way for months. When your can is empty and it needs to be changed, remove the old can, quickly squirt a little cleaner on the oriface to melt anything that has oozed out, and put a new can on immediately... even if you don't plan on using more. As I said, you should always leave a can on the gun.

I've done this for years and have not had to replace any of the guns for as long as I've used this method. You also end up using a lot less cleaner.

Removing the can, spraying some cleaner on it, and lightly tapping the ball bearing that is down the throat oriface with a nail set might free it up again since it sounds like it is stuck open.

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