Insulating attic with 2x6 rafters


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Question Insulating attic with 2x6 rafters

I recently installed a barn dormer on the attic of my cape cod. The contractor put a ridge vent in the area the dormer covers; however there is no ridge vent in other parts of the roof.

I intend to finish the attic. A couple questions about insulating.

1) I know I need to install baffles to get the benefit of the ridge vent. Should I install baffles where there is no ridge vent in the attic?

2) What is the maximum R value insulation I will be able to fit in the rafter given they're only 2x6's with baffles inside? My guess is I don't want a value too high as the insulation will become compressed after putting the drywall up.

3) I have insulation in the floor of my attic. Since the attic is going to be heated and cooled with the rest of the house now is there any reason to remove the insulation on the floor?
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If there are vents on each of the gable ends, then use the baffles, and leave an air space above your finished ceiling.

Don't bring your sheetrock to the peak.

I'm going to finish my attic now and, though I just had a ridge vent installed on my roof, I'm making a 40" wide ceiling in the attic.

That will allow an air space between the insulation and the peak. My baffles will stop right where the insulation does.

Some folks might suggest an electric fan to pull fresh air through that space, but contractors told me normal hot air rising will keep up the circulation and take away moisture.

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