Front Door Insulation Squeaks


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Front Door Insulation Squeaks

After putting in a new main entrance door, the sweeper on the bottom makes a squeaking sound when coming in contact with the threshold.The adjustable plate in the center of the threshold has been lowered as far as it will go.Is there a coating or something like silicone that will remedy this and not damage the seal or threshold? I don't want to have to do major surgery on the door.Thanks for any suggestions.
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Silicone will work, but it normally won't last that long. Try just rubbing a paraffin (wax) candle on the part of the threshold it contacts. I bought a box of paraffin blocks (made for canning, candle making, etc) for a few bucks and cut a few small chunks an inch or so thick. Real handy for weatherstrips like yours, sliding windows and doors, cabinet or furniture drawers, etc. And you don't get yelled at for messing up HER candles.

May need to do it every few weeks, but only takes 30 sec to give it a rub, and wipe with a rag.

EDIT: Just noticed, new door. Make sure its not too tight. Close the door on a dollar bill between the sweep and the threshold. It should pull out with some resistance, but not be so tight you have to tug, more is not better. If it slides out loosely, need to adjust the threshold up a bit. Too tight, adjust it down a bit. Check over the entire length of the threshold.

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