Slump Block Garage Wall - Insulation


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Slump Block Garage Wall - Insulation

I have a slump-block garage and one wall has conduit and electrical outlets attached. That wall was framed with 2x4 studs and the framing is in front of the conduit. Consequently, there is gap of about 1 inch between the slump-block and the framing. Can I insulate that space with a solid Styrofoam product and then use fiberglass batt insulation between the studs? Will mixing the insulation products present any problems?
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Slump Block Garage Wall - Insulation

One alternate i have seen is using 1 1/2" rigid extruded polystyrene srips (cut to 14 1/2 " wide) lightly glued to the slump block where it makes contact. This should put the surface of the foam between the studs.

Use the foam adhesive (expanding is O.K.) to form a bead between the studs and the side of the polystyrene strips. This will hold it in place and close off the area. Cover the wall with drywall.

fiberglass is really over-rated as an insulator, especially where yo have studs and a heavy wall with mass storage.

If you really think you need more insulation go with 2" polystyrene.

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