Bathroom Insulation Jitters


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Red face Bathroom Insulation Jitters

I recently gutted my upstairs bathroom (w/shower) and am in the process of putting it back together. It is located in a dormer (3 mostly exterior walls) with attic space above it and has always been cold, so I wanted to install as much installation as possible.
After reading up on insulation, I decided to install Kraft faced R15 insulation in the 2x4 exterior walls, then install 3/4" foil faced Polyisocyanate foam insulating panel for the extra R6), topped with 1/2" paperless drywall.
On the ceiling, I decided to leave the existing attic insulation (14" of blown in fiberglass) and also use the foil faced foam board (1") under the drywall.
I've got all of the supplies ready and am about to start installing, but am having second thoughts after reading more about vapor barriers.

So, is aluminum foil too impermeable (<0.1 PERM)?
Should I be letting my bathroom breathe?
Should I consider leaving out the vapor barrier from the ceiling?
Am I being too creative? Trying to squeeze in too much insulation?
Is there something I'm missing - a question I haven't asked?

After reading forum after forum and getting lots of mixed messages depending on the specific situation, I thought I would see if anyone could offer me some reassurance that I am going down the right path (or tell me I'm setting myself up for disaster).

I live in MN (where it is cold in the winter (-10-20F) and hot in the summer (80-90F).

Thanks in advance.
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The whole reason for a vapor barrier is to prevent the warm from reaching the cold and creating condensation. Foil faced radiant barriers do a great job and are quite inexpensive. Here is a link to the product I use and recommend to others. It provides an R-14 with a 1/4" thick of material.

It sounds as though you have been doing your research so keep it up. Remember, preparation is 90% of the project.
Thanks for listening.

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