Newbie Insulation Guy Needs Help Please:)


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Newbie Insulation Guy Needs Help Please:)

Hi Guys!

I'm looking to insulate my attic rafters. They are 24" spaced and 11" deep heavy timber construction. This particular space is incredibly hot. It's a "heat sink" for my home, and the heat is really unbearable - the developer didn't put ridge vents - they put 2" soffit vents, which do almost nothing to disipate the heat.

I have a 16' vault in my living room. From my attic space, I can access 4 of the main rafter openings, so I can blow in insulation there. What are my other options?

With regard to the open rafter spaces that are accessible, what type is best? Solid? Blanket? I don't think I will spray on in this case. Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated.

What about cost? We're talking about an area 600 sq ft or so.

THANK YOU for any help you can provide me!

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You need better/proper attic ventilation. If you have soffit vents, there should be either a continuous ridge vent or separate roof vents near the roof peak. This can be added from the outside without too much cost and effort. If going the ridge vent route, make sure the roof decking at the peak needs is opened (cut back) to allow air flow up and out.

The main issue I see with insulating the rafter spaces is maintaining a ventilation space between the insulation and roof deck. It would be hard to maintain this space while blowing cellulose down a 24" x 11" cavity. With FG batts, you've got the problem of just getting them in place pushing them down the attic cavity.

To do it properly, I would suggest you consider removing the ceiling drywall, insulating and redrywalling?
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I should have noted that I live in a townhouse, and exterior mods are not allowed...when we re-roof, ridge vents will be installed...

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