Old farmhouse... help


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Old farmhouse... help

I am re-siding the original (100+ yrs) part of my home and re-insulating/insulating. There is no sheathing so getting insulation in should be a breeze... but, here is where I need more advice as the 5 conflicting opinions I have now are not enough. It is true 2x4 @ 16" oc and on the interior I have drywall (from previous owners remodel and addition from mid 80's) over the original lathe and plaster. So from the outside I have 4" cavities and the back of the original plaster walls. I am using r-15 and I have advice from 1/2" to 1" foam board then wrapped and siding. If the r-15 fits 3 1/2" cavity, can I put 1/2" foam board against the back of interior wall and seal the edges with foam spray, or actually foam 1/2" with one of the DIY foam kits, then r-15, foam board, wrap, and siding. What will be the moisture concerns and is the added value of the first layer foam board / spray foam worth the extra dollars and work? The home is in south east Wisconsin, so cold and hot. Additionally, I am replacing the windows in this part of the house and using fiber cement lap siding.
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If you are re-siding the structure then just install R-13 in the 2x4 wall cavities. Next wrap the outside in a foil radiant barrier. This will act as a vapor barrier, thermal break and add an R-14 insulating factor. After installing the radiant barrier install the siding.
Here is the web site to order the radiant barrier.
This works great! I have it on my place and it's easy to install.
Thanks for listening.

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