Insulating garage ceiling


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Insulating garage ceiling

While doing some work in the garage I discovered that the ceiling is not insulated and there is a finished room above. I've ripped out the drywall from the ceiling and I'm ready to insulate. The joists are doubled up, I'm guessing it was done to ensure a level floor above when the attic was converted to finished space. A few questions:

1) Since the joists are doubled the space between is 13", not 14 1/2". Should I stuff the batts in there, or do I need to trim 1 1/2" along the edge to make it fit properly? I plan on using R30.
2) Since the face paper needs to be on the warm side (up), I obiously can't staple the paper to the joists. How do I hold the insulation in place? Will it be snug enough to stay by itself?

Thx, Don
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Yes it should be snug enough to hold the insulation and compressing it in this case should have no effect on the insulating value of the insulation.

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